Meet the New Power!

Grantfuhr is a 25x-100x Dynamic Experience Non-Reset server under RabbitMU!

New Character!

Unlock all Character including Gun Crasher at Level 1

Find the Crazy Dragon!

Experience New Ice Dragon Pet at its Finest!

📣 Welcome to the New Power!

Level race has begun! The first 10 people to reach level 1000 will win prizes!

🔥1st Place:
✅ 7,000 Pesos
✅ 3rd Wing+13+0+L+2 Options
✅ 300,000 Ruuds
✅ Excellent Divine Weapon(s)+0+0+L+2 Options

🔥2nd Place:
✅ 2,000 Pesos
✅ 3rd Wing+13+0+L+2 Options
✅ 300,000 Ruuds

🔥3rd Place:
✅ 1,000 Pesos
✅ Excellent Divine Weapon(s)+0+0+L+2 Options
✅ 250,000 Ruuds

🔥4th-10th Place:
✅ 1,000 Wcoins
✅ 150,000 Ruuds

Note: Winner 1 cannot be winner 2 or 3. 1 Winner per IP


Rabbit MU is a Season 16 content and will slowly progress Up to Latest Season over the years

We believe in real gaming, and do not offer Cash Shop items for sale. We will only eventually offer Gold Channels or minor accessories to help support server expenses.

Grantfuhr is owned and operated by Rabbit Games Development Team. Using IGCN Server Files provider for Mu Online Latest files.

Welcome to Grantfuhr - Season 16 Server Progression


‼️ Server Info:

  • ✅ Exp: 100x (Normal Experience)
  • ✅ Drop: 25%
  • ✅ Max Level: 1300
  • ✅ Rebirth: No
  • ✅ Max Client Per PC: 3
  • ✅ Max Excellent Option: 3
  • ✅ Max Item Level: +15
  • ✅ Jewel & CM Rate: Webzen Default
  • ✅ Jewels in Game: Bless Soul Chaos Life Creation Dark Jewels Gemstone
  • ✅ New Character Class: Gun Crusher
  • ✅ Max Quest: 4th Job
  • ✅ No Item Donations
  • ✅ Medrate Gameplay Server
  • ✅ 100% Player Driven Economy
  • ✅ Rabbit Games Renew its Hosting and Server Files Yearly. Giving its player's assurance a long-term server. Rabbit mu is not established as a money-making server.
    Rabbit MU is your total MU ONLINE Classic Experience!
  • ✅ It was born purely out of passion, dedication & love for the game with our very own
    Founder Xavier Francis. A lot of time and countless effort was put into this server to make sure that
    we bring out the best.
  • ✅ Our Mission is To gather all MU Players that are looking for a stable and long-term server. We're back on the good old days with the new perfect gameplay, with proper progression, mechanics & security.
  • ✅ We provided a unique Anti-hack feature to protect your investment to us time/purchases