Meet the New Power!

Grantfuhr is a 25x-100x Dynamic Experience Non-Reset server under RabbitMU!

New Character!

Unlock all Character including Gun Crasher at Level 1

Find the Crazy Dragon!

Experience New Ice Dragon Pet at its Finest!

  • ✅ Rabbit Games Renew its Hosting and Server Files Yearly. Giving its player's assurance a long-term server. Rabbit mu is not established as a money-making server.
    Rabbit MU is your total MU ONLINE Classic Experience!
  • ✅ It was born purely out of passion, dedication & love for the game with our very own
    Founder Xavier Francis. A lot of time and countless effort was put into this server to make sure that
    we bring out the best.
  • ✅ Our Mission is To gather all MU Players that are looking for a stable and long-term server. We're back on the good old days with the new perfect gameplay, with proper progression, mechanics & security.
  • ✅ We provided a unique Anti-hack feature to protect your investment to us time/purchases